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We strive to help people live their lives how they want and be able to do what they want. Pain shouldn’t restrict how you live your life!

About Us

Welcome to JWL Sports Therapy

Why use JWL?

We provide a wide range of services to fit each individual’s needs. The treatments will be specific to your goals. At JWL we target the root cause of the problem, not the symptoms surrounding your pain. This leads to you feeling pain-free quicker and for longer.


Our Values


Whether you have an appointment at our clinic or prefer one from the comfort of your own home, we are committed to offering a friendly professional service.


We make sure that every single patient who comes through our door is provided with a bespoke treatment regime that allows them to reach their goals.


Our therapists relate and connect with every patient, our rapport is what’s important to us if the client isn’t happy we aren’t happy. 
We do our best to provide a welcoming, helpful and proactive approach. 

“Each body is different
Therefore each rehabilitation must be different”

– Joerg Teichmann

Our Services

A wide range of treatments


Injury Consultation


Follow Up


Sports Massage


Gym Based Rehab


Biomechanical Assessment


Personal Training


What people say

I've known Jonny for years and came to him for advice on a groin issue. He gave me a quick diagnosis and provided me with a specific rehabilitation programme. He made it relatable to football and got me back playing within a couple of weeks. I would highly recommend him to anyone

Alfie Doughty, Professional Footballer, LUTON TOWN

Jonny is a fantastic Sports Therapist I went to him as I had been having ongoing issues with my wrist and hand and didn't know why. If it wasn't for his knowledge and advice to get an X-ray I would still be having issues with pain and not playing golf. Thanks again mate highly recommend.

James Browne, Professional Golfer

I had a total knee replacement about four years ago which was a total disaster, it left me with an extremely stiff knee and little movement. A friend recommended Jonny to me, he improved my walking and balance, and about all gave me the confidence to achieve some challenges, like walking without a stick, which was a bit scary! I would recommend Jonny to anyone who has mobility problems, I enjoyed the sessions, he didn’t let me get away with anything, which was good, and we had some laughs as well!!


Jonny sorted out a trapped nerve in my shoulder blade. I had the pain in my shoulder which affected my breathing and movement for around 3 months which meant no golf or gym. I’d had back massages through other people but didn’t work. Jonny gave me electro therapy and witching two sessions my back pain had gone. Highly recommend


I would highly recommend Jonny as a Physio and as a Pilates teacher. I have been doing Pilates for the last eight years and the last three with Jonny. Without a doubt these have been the most beneficial and enjoyable. Jonny pushes me but also encourages and gives praise when due. He also takes notice of any problem areas I may have and helps me work on them. All in all he provides a first class service as he is knowledgeable and passionate about what he does.


I've had several treatments with Jonny for a reoccurring ankle pain and most recently an unexplained back problem where he helped to recommend a colleague who specialises in the problem .I would say it wasnt a pain free experience! ...but Jonnys professional attitude and experience certainly helped both problems. Would highly recommend


Excellent service, I contacted Johnny in desperation, my son had sustained a back injury and was in pain and unable to play football....he saw my son very promptly and cured his problem after just one session. He was very relatable and professional, I would highly recommend him.


Jonny Is absolutely fantastic. The difference is unbelievable. Very professional and friendly. I was put at ease instantly. 5 stars doesn't seem high enough. Highly recommended.


Jonny is so patient and has helped me to gain so much flexibility in my movements. If I mention I have any problem areas he always provides exercises to target that area. I would recommend Jonny to anyone





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