We offer a wide range of treatment protocols focused on fitting to each individual’s needs and goals.

Initial Consultation

We will take a full history of your injury and provide testing to help build a diagnosis,
once we have reached a diagnosis for your condition we will begin our treatment. Our
therapists will provide you with an understanding of the condition and send you away
knowing what is going to be done and what you need to do to get back to feeling


Follow Up Treatment

This is the continued treatment of your injury following your initial consultation with
our therapist, helping get you back to full fitness.


Sports Massage

Sports Massage can be used to treat both acute and chronic injuries, muscle
tightness and general aches and pains. Its purpose is to promote circulation, reduce
muscle stiffness and pain whilst increasing flexibility of the muscles and range of
motion around the joints.

It is a great INJURY PREVENTION tool, don’t always use it as a solution to your
problems, use it as a way to prevent problems from happening.


Gym Based Rehabilitation

This aims to help our clients return to their optimal function, whether this is returning
to day-to-day activities or returning to a sport. Our sessions will be specific to the
individual. The earlier this process starts the quicker and better progress will be.

Biomechanical Assessment

An assessment of your posture, alignment, flexibility and stability. It is a great way to
help prevent the onset of injuries. We will provide you with a full rundown of the areas
in your body that may be causing you additional stress or pain along with what we
can do to fix that.

Personal Training

Our background in Sports Therapy, allows us to provide our clients with a more well
rounded approach to personal training.

We focus on developing movement and mobility whilst building strength, making you
more prepared for the movements needed in daily life.

We offer 1-1, group and online PT sessions, each program is bespoke and fitted to
your goals.





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